The Island Region is a diverse region, despite its small size due to its islands configuration within two oceans. The Caribbean Sea area has defined periods of rain and dry climate while the Pacific Ocean posses  jungle, high humidity and constant rain. As result, this is a region rich in flora and fauna.


The music of the island region depends on the location of the island either  in the Pacific or the Caribbean Sea. Moreover, you can see the video below as an example of the traditional music in San Andres Islands.



The typical dishes are made with fish, lobsters, snails and. crabs. They are accompanied by plantains, coconut, coconut milk and yucca.

The best known dish is the “rondón”, which is a  fish casserole containing slowly cooked snails in coconut milk, with yucca and fish.

Touristic Places:

San AndresProvidenciaBernanrdoRosario

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