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Gateway to Colombia: Pacific Region

The Pacific Region has an immense natural wealth: ecological, hydrographic, mining and forestry and in it there are several natural national parks. Famous for being one of the regions with the highest biodiversity and rainfall on the planet and also being the main region of Afro-Colombian culture and, like the Amazon, having indigenous tribes.


The traditional music of the region has strong African and indigenous influence but the salsa and choque have become one of the most important genres in the region and all over the country.


This region is rich in fish (river and sea) which favors the proliferation of fish and seafood dishes accompanied with plantain and yucca.They have an adaptation of seafood paella with typical products of the region. It also has exotic fruits such as borojó and almirajó, of great flavor, with which they prepare pleasant refreshments. Sweets, cheese brads (pandebono) and oat meal drinks are also abundant in the region.


Touristic Places


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