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We are Judith Lozano and Maria Clara Piñeros, the designers and founders of Jalaru Jewelry. All our lives, we have been surrounded by art. Jalaru is the manifestation of our unique sensibility, creativity two generations work together to create unique and special pieces that became part of the complement of the women’s outfit.

We believe in the nature power of objects like semiprecious stones that are lovingly made and passed down over generations.

Every Jalaru piece is unique and handcrafted out of mixed of precious stones, ethnic elements like precolombine objects made of gold, silver and coper. When a woman wears Jalaru Jewelry, we want her to feel that it was made especially for her.

Jalaru is our medium for storytelling and our true calling. With the objects we create, we narrate a tale about where we come from, the people we love, and the things that have made us see our world afresh. we wear these stories every day.

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Before founding Jalaru Jewelry, Judith studied literature at Columbia University in NY and worked as an English and German Teacher. Maria Clara studied Advertising at Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bogota Colombia worked in the fields of Marketing and sales. These varied influences and experiences shape our brand’s distinctive point of view.

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