The Orinoquia Region is also known as “Llanos Orientales” (Eastern Plains), characterized by the llanero piedmont, the wide plains and   Orinoco, Arauca, and, Guaviare rivers. It is a Colombian-Venezuelan region of intense cattle activity and a typical “llanero” (cowboy) culture.

States and capital cities 

  • Meta – Villavicencio
  • Casanare – Yopal
  • Vichada – Puerto Carreño
  • Arauca – Arauca
  • Guaviare – San Jose del Guaviare


 “Joropo” is the region most representative music. The  joropo  is sung accompanied by harp (sometimes replaced by guitar) and maracas. Unlike strings nylon the llanera harp, harp central joropo also uses metal strings, which gives her unique sound. The singer central joropo is the same as playing the maracas, dancing so they put just two performers: the harpist (or rather “arpisto”, as they like to call themselves), and the maw (singer-maraquero).


Some special dishes are: hayaca a tamale stuffed with meat and vegetables;  pique stick, a preparation of veguero beans with meat; llanero rice, which contains oxtail and vegetables; rabbit in wine;  “pabellón criollo”, a dish with beef, beans (black beans), white rice, egg and plantains, “mamona llanera” (region bbq style)…


Touristic Places


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